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Kevin Grove

Kevin Grove is part of a parcel of land originally sold at auction as lot 76 (126 acres) to John Bakewell in 1851 for 260 shillings an acre. Bakewell sub-divided and resold much of his land in the 1850's. It is from this time that the house at 4 Kevin Grove, originally built as a farmhouse, dates. Today only the house and stables are standing, but evidence has been found of a separate kitchen and other outhouses.

In 1905, some 3 acres, including what is now 4 Kevin Grove, was bought by Samuel William Gibson of Smith Street Collingwood, merchant (of the firm Foy & Gibson). Gibson built Dalswraith (now the Campion Centre) on the northern end of his land.

In 1924 Dr. John Murphy purchased the Dalswraith estate, renaming it Glendalough. He subdivided off much of the land to be sold as housing lots. One of the new streets on the subdivision was Kevin Street (as it was known until 1939). Two lots on the estate were sold with buildings, one (4 Kevin Grove) described as "a substantial brick and cement residence".

Despite some extensions and alterations to the house over time, much of the original house and its Georgian features remain. The bluestone foundations, cement quoining on the corners of the house and the Georgian trim around the southern most window (the kitchen window has been styled to match) can be seen from the path off the Hodgson Street entrance. A door to the extensive cellars is at this side. The Georgian chimney pots and slate roof are best viewed from the decking.

The steep stairs up to the house date from the 1920's when the verandah was closed in. Once inside, the position of the original front door is clear. The moulding above that doorway and design along the hallway is Georgian. The original cement skirtings and cornices remain in the hallway and in the main bedroom which also has a rose of cement. As part of the most recent renovation, the theme of the moulding above the early front door was carried through to the new front of the house.

According to a former resident, the garden was laid out in the 1950's by Italian migrants. The tulip tree at the front and the copper beech against the house are over 100 years old.

These notes have been prepared with the kind assistance of the owners.