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The trojan house - Illawarra Rd. Hawthorn

On entering the property you are embraced by an artistic,quirky and curvaceous garden designed by Libby Mercer, in tune with todays 'dry spell gardening theme'. The grand 1890's Victorian faƧade invites you inside to be surrounded by crisp white walls. The originality of the Victorian era in the front section of the house is obvious by the stunning fire places and decorative ceiling roses.

Upstairs is a kids delight with the clever use of bright colours coded for each individual child and peek-a-boo windows that allow the kids to feel part of the downstairs internal space.The bathroom beckons with its 'big blue sea' feel . Downstairs, as you move into the open plan living space it's an experience of visual delight.

Rippling water from the seamless external pool seen through large viewing windows and the black solidarity of the wall to ceiling cabinet work creates an unusual mix for the senses.

The amenities are hidden well but maintain a functionality and accesssability to everyday family life. The laundry is a housewives dream with its modern heating cupboards and space saving knick knacks. The kitchen is sleek and streamlined. The external space flows out from the living room and is engaging to both child and adult.

The cleverly designed space encourages the young at heart to bounce on the hidden trampoline or roll down the grassy slope to finish with a dip in the tempting pool. The view from the back right corner tells the story behind the name, 'The Trojan House'. designed by architect Tim Jackson from Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB). A large cantilever that appears to float, agricultural mesh designed to be rustic, steel slabs, port holes and polka dot shutters all wrapped in a "seamless timber skin" contribute to the modernistic bite of the new rear extension.........ENJOY!