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Freestanding Townhouse - Stevenson St. Kew

In the year 2000 the house owners of 93 Stevenson St. Kew decided to embrace the millennium and do away with the old and embrace the new. With the help of their architect Graham Fisher of 'Guilford Bell and Graham Fisher Architects', South Yarra, the result was a beautiful 'freestanding townhouse' that provides compact living with a warm, classic style.

Silver birch trees line the solid rendered walls of the front courtyard like soldiers guarding the grand latte colored facade.The old style urn creates a symmetry that is followed throughout this whole design.

Black metal spired fencing leads you to the main entrance which is spacious and light. This house breathes sunshine through every room with its high ceilings and clever open walkway situated above the entrance foyer.

The contemporary style of the kitchen and bright walls complemented with sumptuous charcoal carpeting , is perfectly balanced with classic mahogany furniture and gold mirrors . A touch of whimsy creeps in with the eye catching art work displayed throughout the rooms.

An impressive black fireplace dominates the lounge area and leads the eye outside to the back courtyard that is an enchanting mix of pear trees from the Manchurian family and a central jacaranda tree. A dripping fountain with moss covered water completes the serenity of this outdoor living space.

Upstairs there are 2 large rooms housing a main bedroom with spectacular marble ensuite and study to lose yourself in. A balcony connects these two rooms and the amazing view of Melbourne city adds a wow factor that would make waking up in the morning a novelty that never ends.